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Naval Architecture Stimson Yacht Design & Naval Architecture
Interion/Exterior Design Kit Carlier Design
Build Vacuum Consolidated Epoxy/Eglass Composite
LOA 10.7m
Width 3.3m
Displacement 4.75t
Engine 2X225 to 2X350
Sleeps 5
Expected Launch 2020
Max Speed 47knots
C€ category B

Project Detail

Touted to be the new SUV of the sea, the MAG Marin Samba 11 is a high performance powerboat designed to handle the most testing sea conditions. Built with light yet robust vacuum consolidated epoxy/e-glass composite construction technology and boasting 700hp, this vessel is capable of 47 knot speeds, at a displacement of 4.75tons and B Offshore C€ classification. Providing a fast, comfortable and secure ride.